Robert Roczen


Bio: Robert Roczen is a Doctor of medical sciences, Doctor of philosophy, and a psychotherapist living and practicing in Warsaw, Poland. He received medical degree in 1986 and in 1991 he received an anaesthesiology qualifications. In 2005 he received MD for the dissertation „Na pograniczu życia” („At the edge of life”) which was published by Semper Publisher in 2007. He is also a PhD student at the Philosophy Department at University of Adam Mickiewicz. In 2010 he finished Sandplay Therapy Training organized by Polish Association for Analytical Psychology (PTPA), and in 2011 he finished the training organized by PTPA and Polish Association for Jungian Analysis (PTPJ) in cooperation with International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). He is the author of many articles in the domain of philosophy, philosophy of medicine, bioethics, psychoanalysis. He is a founder member of PTPJ, a member of Sitcom Association of Lacanian Psychoanalytic Group, The School of Psychoanalyst Formation and Polish Bioethical Association.

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