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Another serious misunderstanding: Jung, Giegerich and a premature requiem

Journal of Analytical Psychology

A year from the publication of seminal paper by Marco Heleno Barreto – „Requiem for analytical psychology” – we are getting a response from Mark Saban, a senior analyst from UK.

Barreto’s paper is seminal. It is as much thought provoking as controvertial, which Saban’s response seem to be only elucidating. The readability of Barreto’s paper on e-jungian has set a record of popularity. Saban’s critique is followed by Barreto’s response and another reflection by Saban. In these three papers we can witness an important discussion; an important and a tough one. regardless of our sympathy for either of sides, we can see the argument regarding the basic principles of our understanding of psyche and the world in general. Barreto in his idea refers to Giegrichian psychology, which to Saban seem to be constituting an anathema to Jungian thinking. He argues for locating Giegrich’s (and consequently Barreto’s) thought altogether outside of the area of Jungian psychology. This is an important discussion of the principles of analytical psychology. It also displays with full power the polarization between different schools of thought in contemporary post-Jungian world. Regardless the weight and soundness of arguments, itr brings to mind the now anecdotal title of the book edited by Ann Casement: „Who owns Jung?”. Then we must remember that this book, with its title and format, follows the earlier one entitled „Who owns psychoanalysis?”. It is like a phenomenon of Matryoshka doll: one level of meaning is contained within the larger one. So it is with discussion between Saban and Barreto. It regards the basics of post-Jungian meta-theory. But in the same time, it touches upon the much larger dillema of the place and meaning of psychoanalysis in contemporary world, perhaps with one of the major mythologems of psychoanalysis being the revelation of the new kind of perennial philosophy. 

We leave the details and particulars of this important exchange to the readers. So we encourage you to reach for it. And we are welcoming comments and discussion of these texts.

All three texts can are made available free of charge at the Wiley Online Library. All the more reason to make yourself familiar with it.


Saban’s critique at the Wiley Online LIbrary

Barreto’s response

Saban’s reflections on Barreto’s response

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