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10/09/2015 6 komentarzy Views: 40026 Editorial blog, Online Discussions, September 2015: "Jungians - who are we?" Discussion: „Jungians – who are we?”

The Discussion takes place here and at the FB group page.

We are happy to invite you to the new interactive and dialogue form of discussion at

Since September 2015 every month we will initiate a discussion at our Facebook group page that will relate to one of the important Jungian topics.

Our first Discussion Event will concentrate on a basic topic built around seemingly easy question: „Jungian – who are we”? This question puts the issue of Jungian identity in the center of our attention. As such it is addressed not only to the professionals trained in Jungian approach, but to everyone for whom the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung and its further development is meaningful. All of us who identify ourselves with this approach to the psyche are in fact in a very peculiar situation. We come from the source which is the thought of one man – Carl Gustav Jung – who didn’t want any followers. Yet we still name ourselves „Jungians”, we share similarities in our attitudes and sometimes we are conflicted with differences. This in fact marks extremely creative field not only in Jungian psychology, but also in art, points of meeting with other branches of science and knowledge, literature, film and everyday history of thought, and we could see it in the dynamic development of within the last year. Our idea is to start the discussion in which we could reflect on Jungian identity. This is especially important nowadays, as our Contact and Review editor, Tomek Jasinski shows in the article that opens up the discussion, where he emphasizes the era of transformation we are all embedded in.

The discussion will have a form of the Facebook event of one month length. We invite all of our readers to join it and share an opinion, thought or link as a post on the discussion page, or in case you do not use Facebook as a comment to this article. We will update daily both comments to the article and posts at Facebook event so they could both reflect current direction of the discussion. If the comments on the website is posted the first time by the reader it needs to be accepted by an administrator (anti-spam function). All Discussion Events will have their place at in the section Reading Room/Discussions.


Check out our Facebook Discussion Event

I hope to meet you here in comments and thoughts exchange.

Malgorzata Kalinowska Editor in Chief

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6 Responses to Discussion: „Jungians – who are we?”

  1. pisze:

    A voice in the discussion about Jungian identity: Jungian identity in transition…

  2. pisze:

    10 September – FB comment:
    Alex Kipar There is also a great article on this theme by Giegerich „Jungian Psychology: A Baseless Enterprise, Reflections on our Identity as Jungians”

  3. pisze:

    10 September – FB comment:
    Małgorzata Kalinowska: Yes! We are thinking about making a special post about it, For me it is a very important article, I especially like the way in which while showing „different types” of identity at the same time he challenges our thinking about not only Jungian, but also psychological identity.

  4. pisze:

    20 September – FB comment

    Mike Mason: I wouldn’t call myself a Jungian but he certainly deserves a lot of credit for opening up our minds to the powers of analysis. Not just psychological analysis either. Let’s not forget however that Socrates also asked a lot of questions although I don’t think he provided a lot of hypotheses. I’m no scholar. The one thing he said that I can actually remember is 'the unexamined life is not worth living.' Mr. Jung has certainly provided a mountain of examination and it makes me wonder why schools aren’t teaching kids how to ask questions more than they do.

  5. pisze:

    A voice in the discussion – a blog post: What is professional identity? – the simple question that is so difficult to answer

  6. pisze:

    11 September – FB comment:

    Luan Pudsey Lamarr: Knew and loved his spirituality and keen mind; was especially fortunate to know his family in Kusnacht and his son Franz’s living room was on the second floor- of the mansion as the only son; CG’s waiting room had been transferred into a kitchen! So Franz had the whole 2nd story to himself- CG and Emma had separate connecting bedrooms- both overlooking beautiful Lake Zurich and they also had a porch attaching with a beautiful fireplace- I loved and miss it! Books are not allowed outside the house as the Swiss consider them to be a national treasure! Don’t even get me started about the 2 yearly trips to Bollingen which Franz was gracious enough to take the students of the Institut there And CG and Franz were TALL-not the slumped over picture you imagine! Gregarious, fun loving people with a balanced, incredible, spiritual mind

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