The Journal of Analytical Psychology XIV International Conference

Dissociation: Trauma and the Self

Organizer: Journal of Analytical Psychology

The Journal has long harboured an ambition to host a conference in New York, which, with its unique ambience and wealth of culture, is unquestionably one of the great cities of the world. Moreover its tradition of welcoming innovative approaches in the arts extends through to the psychotherapeutic community as well; so what better setting could be chosen to explore the conference theme – Dissociation: Trauma and the Self.

The workshop presenters and plenary speakers – who will include Don Kalsched, Donnel Stern, Coline Covington and Margaret Wilkinson – will be offering a diversity of approaches that contextualize, explore and critique what Jungian orientation contributes to this field. Jung’s early interest in complexes and subsequent focus on archetypes, particularly their inclination toward personification and autonomy, led the way in studies of dissociation. More recently, conceptualizations of an unrepressed unconscious are making an important contribution to this ongoing debate and have again brought Jungian perspectives on the ‘not yet conscious’ to the fore.

Dissociation is then a theme with a rich Jungian history and a general contemporary pertinence. On the Thursday (20th April), as a preamble to the main conference, a ‘Writers’ workshop’ will be held (more info at the conference website). This year it will be given particular prominence as, thanks to the generosity of the Michael Horne Memorial Fund in underwriting this event, much reduced fees are being offered. As Michael Horne was a former US editor of the Journal,  it seems particularly appropriate that, in the wake of his recent death, this fund raised in his honour should be dedicated to encouraging new writers and contributors to the Journal.

Finally, following on from the success of the Musical Soirée at London 2015 on the Saturday evening, another Gala dinner with a musical accompaniment will be offered – a JAP tribute to New York’s Broadway tradition!

See more info at the Conference website


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