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John Merchant – The image schema and innate archetypes

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Experts' Blogs – we are adding a new section

As a result of our dialouges with different Jungian analysts and authors, we came up with an idea of introducing this new form of creative sharing in our on-line magazine. And we are able to initiate this idea now, as a Christmas gift for our readers.

It is then our pleasure and honor to introduce a new section of THE EXPERTS' BLOGS.

With this section readers will have a chance to follow thoughts, reflections and work in-progress by different prominent Jungian authors. It will be a personal space for invited authors, who generously responded to our idea.

Today we start with the blog’s post „The image schema and innate archetypes” by John Merchant, a Jungian analyst from the Australian & New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts. We welcome John’s contribution to our magazine. Please be invited to read John’s reflection on the nodal points in his professional development that led him to formulation of new ideas.

See experts' blogs section

See John Merchant’s blog


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