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Interview with John Beebe, MD – Typology of Shadow

We are recommending a podcast recording of an interview with Jungian analyst John Beebe, MD. This conversation has been recorded during the „Typology of Shadow” event that took place at the British Psychotherapy Foundation on 16 May 2014.

Listen to the interview at BPF Website

John-BeebeJohn Beebe, MD

John Beebe, a Jungian analyst in practice in San Francisco, has been writing and lecturing about popular culture for thirty years. Concentrating particularly on the American cinema, he has demonstrated how archetypal patterns shape not only the scenarios but also the directorial styles that are most characteristic of our country’s canon, from the showcases of the great silent comedians, through The Wizard of Oz, film noir, the Hitchcock and Welles classics of the forties and fifties, and such auteur masterpieces as Letter From an Unknown WomanThe African Queen and Rebel Without a Cause, and on to contemporary classics like Broadcast NewsThe GriftersSchindler’s List, and Brokeback Mountain. Jungian psychological themes Dr. Beebe has identified in American film include humiliations of the body, the trickster’s role in individuation beyond the hero, the interplay of integrity and synchronicity, and the comedy and drama of competing types of psychological consciousness. His most recent book, co-authored with fellow analyst Virginia Apperson, is The Presence of the Feminine in Film, now available in paperback.

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