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The Jung Neumann Letters reviewed in Publishers Weekly

07/03/2015 Comments (0) Views: 4274 Articles, Newspapers and magazine articles, Resources

Jung at heart – Erich Neumann

By Aviva Lori

In Haaretz

In the major Israeli daily newspaper you can find an article about Erich Neumann, which honored his 100th Birthday Aniversary. The article present life and work of one of the most important Jung’s collaborators and pupils, and for the large part is based on the author’s conversation with Neumann’s children: Julia and Micha, which gives him an intimate flavour, not deprived of commentaries onthe current socio-political situation of the region, seen through Neumann’s believes and ideas.

We are refering our readers to this article in anticipation of incoming International Conference: The Jung-Neumann Letters.

From the article:

„My father believed in the future of this country,” Micha recalls. „He believed that only the second generation would strike roots here. On the other hand, he also wrote that if the Jews, who were always victims, acquired power and independence, there was a great danger that their repressed aggression and violence would be released and that terrible things would happen here, as in the case of the German nation, which was always obedient and disciplined, and look what happened to them.”

What do you suppose he would say if he were alive now?

Neumann: „I wouldn’t want him to be alive today, because he would certainly be very disappointed in what is happening here – the violence, the occupation, the anti-democracy.”

Read the whole article at Haaretz


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