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Love on a Fragile Thread: Eranos Yearbook 70

We have chosen this particular volume of Eranos Jahrbuch in today’s recommendation for a reason. Its title reflects an important aspect of today’s world situation: torn between extreme polarization and need for consolidation. On the one hand, there are hope-inspiring activities, like last Saturday’s Global Oneness Day International Conference. On the other hand, this world is tormented by fragmentation and extreme polarities. In this moment in time, the idea of this volume comes as a synchronistic phenomenon. If you just look at the introducing quotation in publisher’s info:

“Our Eranos Dialogues traced the fragile threads of love through the roiling conditions of contemporary global society.”
— Lawrence E. Sullivan, Editor

“Love is the heartbeat of the whole universe. Everything participates in it according to its own special love…”
— Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plato’s Symposium on Love (3.3.2-11)


This volume is special in one another way, which is that it contains talks given in Ascona on the occasion of the commemoration of 50th anniversarey of Carl Gustav Jung’s death.

Dear readers, take a look.


Love on a Fragile Thread: Eranos Yearbook 70

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