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„Remembering Jung series” – talk with Marie-Louise von Franz

The interview with Marie Louise von Franz made in 1979. Von Franz recollects her relationship with Jung, speaks about his life and works. Fragment of the interview:

jung and von franz

Jung and von Franz

– I wonder if have any anecdotes or stories about how you bumped into his shadow side or if ever it upset you or you felt disappointed, or…

Marie Louise von Franz: I really only once bumped into his anima. I came into the hour and admittedly was a bit in the animus, but not much. He just started at once: „You are at the animus and one cannot talk to you today etc.” and really shouted at me and I started to cry, which he hated. Then I got angry and shouted back, so we shouted at each other for quite a while. Then I went home and cried and was absolutely desperate. The next morning the secretary rang up and asked me: „Professor Jung wants to know if you had a minute to come over at 11 o’clock” and I said: „Naturally” and I came. I entered his house, he was then 68 or 70. And you know, a big man, he stood up heavily and bowed very politely and said: „I am sorry I had to ask you to come up, but I wanted to apologize, I was yesterday in the anima. I can’t tell you, but something very disagreeable happened to me just before the hour, and I hadn’t time to catch myself up. I can’t tell you unfortunately what it was, because it is private, but I want to apologize.” So then I felt very humble and said: „It’s me who has to apologize, too.”

But I must say, when I went home I thought: „Now I have much more confidence in that man than before” because I knew, if there is the misunderstanding, and there is always misunderstanding in the long relationship, or the clash of negative sides, he would always come round, seeing it at once and come round.”

See the info about the series at C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles website

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