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The C.G. Jung—Erich Neumann Connection – Interview with Lance Owens

Today we are bringing attention to the new interview of the series done by Bonnie Bright under the auspices of Pacifica Graduate Institute. It is a recording of the conversation with Dr. Lance Owens who studied Jung for many years and now is talking with Bonnie about Erich Neumann, this one of the most creative individual in the Jungian circle. Dr. Owens speaks of Neumann’s search for his own identity that eventually led him to the meeting with Carl Jung and what has come out of this meeting and subsequent six months of analysis, which for Neumann, as Owens underlies, seemed to be the most transformative experience in his life.

As usual, under the link below, at Pacifica Website, you will find an extended description of the conversation with the link to the audio podcast.

Jung-Neumann Connection


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