Archetypal Dimensions of Ethics in Clinical Practice

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The Asheville Jung Center

All practitioners  understand the “thou shall not aspects” of psychotherapy and psychoanalytic practice that are prescribed in codes of ethics.  These reflect the collective norms around what it means to be a psychoanalyst/psychotherapist.  These collective norms have arisen from millennium of ascribing power to certain roles in community/tribes/societies.  In this context, the relationship between therapist and client become  a sacred contract and covenant that lies in the collective unconscious. 

Based on the book “The Heart of the Matter: Individuation as an Ethical Process this webinar will explore the archetypal dimensions of ethics in analysis  including the historical and archetypal origins of the ethical conversation as it pertains to our role as Jungian Analysts.  It will also explore ways in which we can as practitioners cultivate  our ethical capacity. 

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