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Robin S. Brown [ed.] – Re-Encountering Jung

15/11/2017 • Psychoanalytic folk is still in the wake of the long-standing field of turbulence that emerged...

We always find in the patient a conflict which at a certain point is connected with the great problems of society. Hence, when the analysis is pushed to this point, the apparently individual conflict of the patient is revealed as a universal conflict of his environment and epoch.

• C. G. Jung, CW 7, para. 438 •

I had learned that all the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insoluble. (…) They can never be solved, but only outgrown.

• C. G. Jung – CW 13, para. 18 •

03/03/2016 • C.G.Jung’s Calendar

We should not forget that in any psychological discussion we are not saying anything about the psyche, but that the psyche is always speaking about itself.

• C. G. Jung – CW 9i, para. 438 •

26/10/2015 • The Karma of C.G. Jung

Psychotherapy today… Still has a vast amount to unlearn and relearn… but first it must cease thinking neurotically and see the psychic process in true perspective.

• C. G. Jung – CW 10, para.369 •

Erich Neumann at Eranos

20/05/2015 • Erich Neumann at Eranos

No one can train the personality unless he has it himself… The development of personality means nothing less than the optimum development of the whole human being.

• C. G. Jung – CW 17, para. 289 •