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Archetypal Nature

The depth of insight you will receive in the Archetypal Nature course comes from more than simply understanding oneself in relation to a personal archetype–it flows from a pair of primary opposites in Nature and the human psyche. After discovering the Personality Type system that is now commonly known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Antonia 'Toni' Wolff & C. G. Jung observed another deeper construct beyond personality type — natural grid of opposites in our paths to identity and fulfillment. These polarities highlight profound differences in what we want and need from life. In recognizing these differences we project less: we no longer imagine that everyone wants the same things that we do and we become better able to give them what they really do want; we also become better able to identify and ask for what we need and want. Finding ourselves in this spectrum allows us to make clear our differences from others and shows us our strengths, greater potential and possible shadows.

Beyond its personal merit, this perspective also offers profound cultural and political insight. Our culture privileges some stories and negates others and in this way allows us to explore our collective shadow: what archetypal paths dominate and are supported by our culture? What archetypal stories are shamed or ignored? In what ways is our culture as whole unconscious?

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