Birth of the Self – C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

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C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

We have been birthed into the field through our life stories, which influence our capacity for birthing the Self in a personal and transpersonal way with patients. What transpires when the self/ Self is born?

Dr. Marlo explores this question by illuminating archetypal and developmental dimensions of birth. These ideas come to life through her presentation of over fifteen years of analysis with a woman who began treatment dissociated from her self/Self. The treatment chronicles an emergent process of birth, development, and transformation, and demonstrates the patient’s developing relationship with her self/Self. The labor of the work is revealed through session dialogue, process comments, and Dr. Marlo’s inner experience, an evocative format that captures the nonlinear, emergent, and dynamic qualities of the analytical process and relational field. The clinical implications of “the birth story” are explored. The panel of three diverse, seasoned analysts, will respond to this work.

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