„Complexes we live by” – an online discussion around complexes and how they affect our lives.



On September 8th Stillpoint Spaces will be addressing C.G. Jung’s theory of complexes and his word association experiment (WAE). Info from Organizers:

This was an experiment that Jung developed in the early 1900s aiming to provide an indication of underlying unconscious psychic structures, i.e. complexes. We will be speaking about the experiment and how to make sense of it a century later. We will also be talking about complexes, what they are and how to live with them and not by them.

No prior psychological knowledge or training is required in order to participate.The participation is free and you just need to register above. To attend, you need to be a registered client with Stillpoint Spaces.

What you can expect from this session:

  • An introduction to the theory of complexes
  • Learn about the history and the practice of the Word Association Experiment conceived by C.G. Jung as a way to gauge the presence of unconscious psychic structures, i.e. complexes
  • Participate in a discussion that addresses the experience of living with complexes vs being lived by them.

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