Dream Webinar with Robert Wagonner and Robert Bosnak

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Jung Platform

Organizer’s description:
In this premier event, world renowned dream experts Robert Wagonner and Robert Bosnak join Machiel Klerk in a three-way dialogue to discuss Klerk’s new CD, Rumi and the World of Dream.
In “Rumi and the World of Dream” Klerk describes the three basic characteristics of dreaming that help us relate to dreams in an experiential and relational way. Experiential and relational dreaming is also the basic tenet of Robert Bosnak’s technique Embodied Imagination. Klerk’s CD also weaves together Dream Yoga, Lucid Dreaming and Buddhist principles, showing how dreaming is used as an awareness practice.
The great interpreter of poet Rumi, Coleman Barks has provided an introduction and bonus feature to the CD.

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