Gifts & Blessings: A Shamanic, Heart-Centered Approach

Presented by

The C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles

There is a reciprocal relationship between our gifts and the blessings they bestow. We will do some shamanic practices to explore and empower our gifts, to bring blessings to ourselves and others. Bring a small giveaway for our circle.  
Amanda Foulger is a core shamanic practitioner and a Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) Faculty Member. She has a broad background in spiritual pursuits for over 30 years and teaches for FSS in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, the Bay Area and in the state of Colorado as well as some original theme-based workshops of her own under the general title of „Our Personal Medicine.” She has offered talks or experiential work at the Los Angeles Jung Institute, the Yo San University of Oriental Medicine and the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council as well as being a presenter at special conferences and educational programs at U.C.L.A., the Esalen Work Scholars Program, and various religious institutions. Amanda regularly works with private clients for shamanic counseling, training and healing. She also performs house clearings/blessings, and seasonal and life passage ceremonies.

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