Healing Wounded History. Jung and His “Twin Brother”

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The Cambridge Jungian Circle

Following Dr Heuer’s previous enthralling workshop concerning the impact of Sabina Spielrein on both Jung and Freud in a three part event he will take us on the journey into the complex but largely hidden chapter in the history of psychoanalysis involving Jung, Freud and the almost forgotten Otto Gross who was both brilliant, highly controversial and flawed. The research by Dr Heuer for his latest book (Freud’s Outstanding Colleague / Jung’s ’Twin Brother’) to be published by Routledge in 2016 has provided highly significant insights which he will share with participants in this conference style workshop. This will be arranged in three parts with discussions between each. The first will introduce his trans-historical approach weaving the story across the generations involving psychoanalytic and intersubjective methods. This is to be based on Gross’s extraordinary and unique approaches as described by Walter Benjamin who evokes the holy in his phrase an ‘Angel of History’. Dr Heuer’s way is to connect the key historical elements of past and present into a new future understanding of this unique period of human development. Part 2 will show how Gross made outstanding contributions to the development of analytical theory and clinical practice and thus our present ideas concerning both therapeutic as well as our wider collective attitudes. In Part 3 Dr Heuer will explore the conflicts which arose in those early years between Jung and Gross and a special section will look at the father-projections of both towards Freud involving father-son dynamics (which may apply to Freud’s circle more widely). The day will end by Dr Heuer drawing together the main ideas and their importance for our present and future, hoping to determine more of the truth of the events in that key period and thus help move us forward towards reconciliation and redemption in a way that involves us all. Each of the above parts will be separated by a good chance to discuss the points and issues which Dr Heuer opens up for us, a lively and informed debate is expected.

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