How Dreams Heal: Some Thoughts On the Neuroscience of Dreaming

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Society of Analytical Psychology

Freud thought that dreaming protected sleep from the threat of overwhelming anxiety arising from repressed infantile sexual or aggressive impulses. Jung considered dreams to be a way of communicating with the unconscious and not attempts to conceal true feelings from the waking mind. Based on the concept of compensation, Jung thought that the dream is an attempt to counterbalance an overdeveloped conscious psychological tendency and to offer symbols that can guide the dreamer towards a more balanced relationship between his ego and the Self.

More recently, an attachment/trauma perspective has highlighted the destructive effects of unprocessed trauma on the symbolic functioning of the human psyche. This approach suggests that dreams may sometimes provide powerful images that reflect dissociated aspects of the human psyche and sense of self, with its accompanying emotional state and psychic defences.

I shall discuss the role of imaginative processes, including fantasy and dreaming in overcoming dissociation through a gradual integrative process and the neuroscience that underpins this integrative activity, particularly the role of the default network.

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