Inscape and Landscape: From the Canyons to the Stars

Presented by

The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

On January 31, 2016, Cal Performances will present Des Canyons aux Étoiles by Olivier Messiaen, in conjunction with a visual evocation, created by photographic artist Deborah O’Grady, of the Utah canyons that inspired the piece. Her video work, sensitively attuned to the music, has been commissioned by the Saint Louis Symphony, which will be performing Messiaen’s composition in its entirety.

In anticipation of that event, we offer this full-day program on the spiritual, aesthetic and ecological resonances of the canyon landscape, Messiaen’s otherworldly music and Deborah O’Grady’s breathtaking visuals. The artist will speak about the creation of her work and share some of it with us. She will be followed by five other speakers, each of whom will present different ways of engaging with how environment and art connect in psyche.

The speakers are as follows:

  • Deborah O’Grady, photographic artist
  • Karlyn Ward, Jungian analyst and musician
  • Joscelyn Godwin, Professor of Music, Colgate University
  • Jared Farmer, Geohumanist and Associate Professor of History, Stony Brook University
  • Cassidy Anne Medicine Horse, Native American Studies, Montana State University
  • Patricia Damery, Jungian analyst and author

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