Journal of Analytical Psychology 60th Anniversary Event

Reflection on Jungian Clinical Practice: From Then Till Now

In conjunction with SAP

To mark this 60th anniversary the Journal of Analytical Psychology will be holding a weekend event in London (Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime). Unlike JAP well-established international four day conferences, this event will be non-residential. Nevertheless JAP loyal supporters from around the world – perhaps especially from the US, Australia, Japan, Russia and of course the rest of Europe – would be most welcome, not least because this event is intended as a celebration of that community of spirit fostered by the Journal of which they are such an important part. For those new to the Journal, and to the vision of analytical psychology which it represents, this would be an ideal introduction.

The plenary presentations will be by invited authors closely associated with the Journal: the programme will be arranged so that each will choose a paper from one of the earlier decades of the Journal’s publication – the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s – that they feel has had a seminal influence. So these will not just be retrospective appreciations but accounts of how the original impetus from that paper continues to inform that presenter’s own clinical practice. The later decades – the 90’s & 2000’s – will be covered in smaller group parallel break-out sessions, though the presentations will follow this same model.  A final plenary on the Sunday morning will address the future of Jungian psychology, taking a recent paper as the starting point.

The speakers include Don Kalsched – the most widely read and regarded of contemporary clinical Jungian authors – who pays tribute to Michael Fordham’s ‘Defences of the Self’, perhaps the most influential of Journal papers. Murray Stein will speak from a Rosemary Gordon paper and our consultant editor, Warren Colman, will consider the future direction of analytical psychology. We also have plenary contributions from Jan Wiener, Angela Connolly, Elizabeth Urban and Brian Feldman, in addition to the usual conference workshops, which include a critical discussion of the Editors' role from Andrew Samuels. See the Programme page for details.

There will be lots of room in the programme for contributions so those attending are encouraged to read the papers beforehand, though this is entirely optional. In the spirit of an anniversary celebration a venue has been chosen with in-house catering of high quality (the Friday evening reception and Saturday lunch are all included in the conference fee), and organizers will be getting things underway with a tea party & slice of Journal 60th birthday cake to greet you on arrival at registration. As an optional extra organizers are also holding a Musical Soiree – lieder, jazz, blues and sea shanties! – at Burgh House, Hampstead, on the Saturday evening.

JAP is anticipating that this gathering of both established Journal followers and those just interested in exploring further what the Journal has to offer will be a popular and memorable one-off event.

Early booking to secure a place and take advantage of the generously discounted ‘early bird’ rates is strongly recommended.

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