The Making of Ensoulment – An online seminar by Stillpoint Spaces

An Exploration of the Jungian Principle of the Feminine with Lorís Simón Salum

When there is no judgment present, what is alive in you? What wants to be lived inside of you?

A conversation about how the film Ensoulment came about. Furthermore, a discussion about where we have left the feminine in our lives, how we can regain it and how we can reintegrate it so as to maintain a balance in our daily routines.

What you can expect from this workshop:

See Ensoulment trailer

James Hollis speaking about Ensoulment:


Loris SalumLorís Simón Salum 

Lorís Simón Salum is originally from Mexico City but currently resides in Houston, Texas. After graduating from Rice University with a BA in Psychology she directed her first feature documentary, Ensoulment: A Diverse Analysis of the Feminine in Western Culture.

She is currently the Visual Media Consultant at Literal Magazine Latin American Voices, a bilingual publication for art, literature, and current events, and has recently initiated the company’s first international short film competition: Literally Short Film Awards. In addition, Lorís co-hosts Literal’s talk show, Literally Everything, on a weekly basis.

See info at Ensoulment website

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