„Relationships – the Great Spiritual Challenge of our Time” – lecture with discussion by David Thompson

„When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.” ― Martin Buber 

Relationships have grown more and more challenging over the past several decades. Rapid changes in culture, religion, and psychology have created an entirely new landscape which has brought great challenges for intimate partnerships. Dr. Thompson will explore some of the reasons behind the great difficulties so many of us encounter in modern relationships. He will describe how intimate relationships can be crucibles for transformation–individual and collective, psychological and spiritual. Read a blog post by David on Stillpoint Spaces blog.

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • Learn some of the key psychological factors behind the growing difficulty we have in sustaining romantic relationships in our time.
  • Learn how our current relational challenges mirror a larger societal evolutionary/spiritual challenge.
  • Discuss the relational and spiritual challenges of our time with an international group of therapists, psychologists, and researchers.

DpicDavid Thompson 

David Thompson is a licensed psychologist practicing in Minneapolis, USA. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies where he studied Jungian Psychology and Relational Psychoanalysis.

He teaches depth psychology at Chiron: Center for Integral-Relational Studies, the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society, and the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology.


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