Sandplay Therapists of America Assembly 2015 – Conference

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Sandplay Therapists of America

The Assembly will consists of: case presentations, case consultation writing and media workshops teaching. 
The objectives of the STA Assembly are: to create and support sandplay community; share and collaborate on sandplay casework; and improve skills in presentation, consultation and teaching of sandplay.  
Dora Kalff was inspired to create sandplay therapy after studying Margaret Lowenfeld’s technique of therapeutic play in which children arranged miniatures in a tray of sand. Trained at the Jung Institute in Zurich, and a student of Eastern philosophy, Kalff grounded her sandplay in Jung’s depth psychology including the collective, archetypal unconscious. Through undirected and largely non-verbal play therapy, multimodal and multicultural sandplay engages body, mind and spirit in the free and protected space of the therapeutic relationship to help children and adults connect to their authentic core. 

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