Self Betrayal and Self Forgiveness

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The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology

C.G. Jung wrote: „We may perhaps, through belief in our own rectitude, succeed in escaping adverse criticism and deceiving ourselves.  But deep down … a still small voice says to us 'Something is out of tune.'” 
Listening to that „still small voice” may help us find the ways in which we betray ourselves. What does it mean to betray one’s own development toward individuation?  Does it mean that we try to please others, conforming to their expectations?  Does it mean that we ignore the demands of the Self?  Does it mean that we ignore our dreams, our instincts, our own desires?  Did Oedipus betray himself; did Lear or Othello?  Are these betrayals inevitable?  What, if anything,can we do about it? 
In this workshop, we will explore these questions about what it means to betray our selves and what the consequences are.  We will also examine the psychological processes leading to reparation and forgiveness for these betrayals.

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