USABP 2016 Conference: Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Body

Presented by

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy

This forward-looking Conference explores the exciting future of somatic psychology and bodymind therapies. Healing the whole person by working with the energies and emotions of our embodiment leads us to questions about the spirituality of each human-being and about the ways in which our sexual desires gird so many of our energy blocks and emotional conflicts.

The 2016 USABP Conference will investigate the discovery of our embodied spirituality and the connections of bodymind therapy with other path-breaking fields such as transpersonal psychology, ecopsychology, and the traditions of spiritual healing. Also to be investigated are the challenges of working with sexuality in the context of bodymind practice — how is our sexual life, and the sexual lives of those whom we help in the clinical setting, to be integrated with our emotional, spiritual and somatic being-in-the-world.

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