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Tasha Tollman review – Jung on Active Imagination: key...

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Mark Winborn Blog presents: Francois Martin-Vallas – The Transferential Chimera and Neuroscience

Psychoanalytic Muse posted an excerpt from „The Transferential Chimera and Neuroscience”, a chapter by Francois Martin-Vallas in „Shared Realities”, a book edited by Mark Winborn.



Participation Mystique Cover


francois martin-vallas

„In this chapter, I will examine the question of the participation mystique in neuroscientific terms. Recent developments in neuroscience now enable us to start creating links between our clinical practice, especially the analysis of the transference, as Jung conceptualized it in The Psychology of the Transference and my concept of the transferential chimera.”



Read at Psychoanalytic Muse

Shared Realities – Fisher King Press

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