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The Saint and the Pig… by Regina Abt-Baechi

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Jacob & Esau… by Erich Neumann

The long awaited manuscript with analysis of the brother motif, by Erich Neumann, is now on pre-order at Amazon. It is a classic, even though never before published, work by Erich Neumann that is fundamental for many of his later thoughts and elaborations. It is important both for the sake of the history of analytical psychology and for the originality of the topic that is being taken into analysis by Neumann.

This fine volume is marked by three distinguished names. First is the author’s. The second is the translator, Mark Kyburz, one of the co-translators of C.G. Jung’s Red Book. The third is the editor and author of the introduction: Erel Shalit. We remind you about our interview with Erel Shalit, on the occasion of the Jung-Neumann Letters International Conference, in which he also speaks about this volume and its singificance. These three together guarantee a thought-provoking reading. The release date is February 1st 2016.


Pre-order Jacob & Esau: On the Collective Symbolism of the Brother Motif

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