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C. G. Jung letter to J. Allen Gilbert, 1946

The web resource of the quote: Carl Jung Depth Psychology Blog

From C. G. Jung’s letter to J. Allen Gilbert. At the time of his last letter G. was 78. He died at 81.

At your age I shouldn’t worry any more what one could do with your life.

You should rather think of what you still can do with it. And in your place I wouldn’t seek such an experiment as it is already near at hand, because the end of life will put you exactly into what you always tried to get into.

But unfortunately you tried it in an indirect way and under the guidance of somebody else.

But when you die, nobody else will die for you or instead of you. It will be entirely and exclusively your own affair. That has been expected of you through your whole life, that you live it as if you were dying.

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3 Responses to C. G. Jung letter to J. Allen Gilbert, 1946

  1. The original presentation of the post above was created by myself on my humble blog and may be viewed at the link below:

    Sadly it appears that E-Jungian forgot to credit its source.

  2. pisze:

    Dear Lewis, we apologize for the lack of the link, we spotted it at the LinkedIn page and were unaware that your blog was the original source of web publication. The information has been added at the top of the post.

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