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Merry Christmas from Editors

23/09/2015 Comments (0) Views: 4382 Editorial blog

New format of C. G. Jung’s Calendar!

The brilliant idea of our graphic designer Jacek Kobinski – C. G. Jung’s Calendar – takes a new form: From now on new entries will be published in our Events Calendar (they have white background in the calendar table). We are now posting the events back, so the whole database could be seen there.

Click on the „Calendar” button above the table of the table calendar on our website to apply filter and see only historical events from C. G. Jungs life. The events are published on the day they happened, and re-appear in the following years in the calendar. The project is in progress, every month we add new dates. They will be reminded on our home page and in social media every year. This unique project is sources verified and is based on C. G. Jung’s biographies.

Check our C. G. Jung’s Calendar and see how history meets now. We are grateful to Jacek for this fantastic idea!

See our Events Calendar


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