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Jung In The Academy And Beyond: The Fordham Lectures 100 Years Later

Paperback: 316 pages

Publisher: Spring (April 1, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1935528718

ISBN-13: 978-1935528715

This volume is a tribute to Jung’s 1912 seminal series of nine lectures at the Fordham University in New York.

Jung acted in those lectures as an ambassador of psychoanalysis in the world of academic science. A protagonist of some weltanschauung still in its infancy. But that autumn of 1912 (Jung’s lectures took place in September) has been pivotal in another sense. It was a truly historical moment in the development of Jung’s independent ideas. In a way we see in them the birth, or formulation, of analytical psychology; out of the mind of Jung-psychoanalyst and his long and tremendous relationship with Freud. They mark the period of time of painful separation at the very peak of it.

This book, delivers a series of another lectures by the number of prominent thinkers and clinicians. It is a fruit of the Conference that took place in 2012 at the Fordham University in collaboration with the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association of New York, to honor the centenary of Jung’s original lectures. This book is an expanded proceedings from that event. As we can read in publishers' review, this book „gives us hope that Jungian thought is alive in the Academy, where both will find enrichment, hope that the misunderstandings and old wounds within the depth psychological world may finally be healed, and hope for even more fruitful conversation among current scientific explorations, theological reflections, political concerns, and analytical psychology.”

One of the passages in the praise for the book:

It is a rich assemblage of contributions demonstrating the current relevance of Jungian ideas for academia and science and should be welcomed in psychoanalytic circles for its affirmation of the creative potential in psyche and, above all, the capacity for symbolization wherein lies the prospect of going beyond historic splits. In addition, several chapters point to the contemporary Jungian approach as a syzygy of inner and outer reality making it essential reading for practitioners and scholars in their efforts to advance Jungian psychology as a key discipline for today. (Ann Casement, Licensed Psychoanalyst and Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and The Royal Society of Medicine)


Jung in the Academy and Beyond: The Fordham Lectures 100 Years Later

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