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Were we able to discover its psychological necessity, pathologizing would no longer be wrong or right, but merely necessary.

• James Hillman •

No one can train the personality unless he has it himself… The development of personality means nothing less than the optimum development of the whole human being.

• C. G. Jung – CW 17, para. 289 •

We don’t integrate conflicting tendencies in contemporary life anymore – we live them out.


• Sherry Salman – Dreams of Totality •

22/04/2015 • Erich Neumann

21/04/2015 • Erich Neumann

19/04/2015 • Erich Neumann

An individual’s shadow is invariably bound up with the collective shadow of his group, and as he digests his own evil, a fragment of the collective evil is invariably co-digested at the same time.

• Erich Neumann •

For a full understanding of Jung, one must go to the dissecting room of the psyche. This of course is a personal analysis.

• Edward Edinger •

We can only suppose that culture making is at the same time psyche-making, that the creative work of structuring the one is equivalent to the same work upon the other.

• J. Perry – The Far Side of Madness •

Metaphor is the language of the soul. Through a physical image, metaphor reveals a spiritual truth or condition.

• M. Woodman – Conscious Feminity •

Whatever we call reality is a fantasy that has got stubborn and blocked and become obscured to the flow of psychic energy in it.

• James Hillman •

Memory, or memoria as it was once called, is a form of imagination. What it recalls into the present is always, in part, a function of perspective currently dominating the present.

• Greg Mogenson •

The present is haunted by the archetypal dynamics which remind us that any story untold is an unconscious present. An unconscious present is a story which will insist on being told and will spill into our biographies.

• James Hollis – Hauntings •

Again, progression should not be confused with development, for the continuous flow or current in life is not necessarily development and differentiation,


• C. G. Jung – CW 8i, para. 70 •

To understand a thing is a bridge and possibility of returning to the path. But to explain a matter is arbitrary and sometimes even murder. Have you counted the murderers among the scholars?

• C. G. Jung – The Red Book •